Review : what sucks with Grooveshark Anywhere

I really like Grooveshark on my desktop computer. I can listen to any kind of music for free and discover new ones. I can also flattr artists I like and support them. So I thought having the same possibilities on my Android phone would be awesome. So I paid about 100€ to have an “Anywhere” account for one year to be able to  choose the songs I want to listen on my Smartphone instead of having only the radio feature.

At the first look, all seems easy, you can search directly artists and songs from the main screen. You can also put offline songs so you don’t need an Internet connection to listen to it. Finally, you have also access to the playlists you made through the website. Seems perfect doesn’t it?

Nooooooo! The truth is that if you start to use the app daily, a lot of frustrating choices about the design make the app a nightmare to use. I am going to explain why : when you want to listen to music on your phone in the train, the best thing to do is to put your music offline so the music doesn’t stop while playing. But there is a lot of problems with this feature:

  • when you go to “my music”, you cannot add an entire album offline, you have to do it song by song
  •  also from “my music”, when you try to play an entire album, the songs are sorted and played by title instead of by the regular song number. Why?
  • So I tried to find my album with another way and go to my offline songs. But I cannot browse them by artist or by album. So I also cannot ask Grooveshark to play correctly an album from here.

The only solution I found to manage the songs I want on my mobile is to create a playlist from the regular desktop website and then offline the whole playlist from my mobile. But there is still problems with this workaround :

  1.  if you want to remove songs from offline songs, you have to delete them one by one. So let’s say you put offline a playlist of 300 songs, you have to click 300 times to delete them and have more free space on your SD card. This is horrible!
  2.  You cannot manage your playlist from your mobile because on the search results of the mobile app, you cannot add a whole album to a playlist, you have also to add each song individually.

Independently of these problems of music management, there is also other bad designs. For instance there is not an easy way to go back to the “now playing” screen (used to pause a song or go next or back), you have to click on the “go back” button a lot or to use the menu button which is deprecated in Android 4.3 and is replaced by 3 vertical dots very difficult to reach. There is also no buttons on the notification bar while, you have to open Grooveshark and find the “Now playing” screen to be able to pause, go next, …

With all these problems, I really think that the Android app is not usable at all for everyday use, and this is even more obvious with the anywhere version because we pay for features which clearly have not been fully finished in terms of design.

Note : I have contacted the Grooveshark’s “VIP” support, they always answered “We take your mail in consideration bla bla bla”. But it was always the same copy pasted email. It was something like three months ago and still no news or updates since.

5 thoughts on “Review : what sucks with Grooveshark Anywhere

  1. James Hartig

    Hey Chez,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re displeased with our Android app. I assure you that we are working on the app and we want to make the application as user-friendly as possible. The notification buttons have been added in the newer versions of Android (4.1+) and we haven’t specifically upgraded our app yet to work with these new features. I cannot give you a timeline on your specific feature requests, but we definitely take user feedback seriously and we are working to make you happy.

    We will be reaching out to you shortly to help out the best way we can while we’re addressing your issues.

    <3 James Hartig
    Software Engineer @ Grooveshark

  2. Schmoola

    I downloaded the free trial yesterday and found the same frustrations as the o.p. If it’s not going to have the same features as the desktop site I won’t be buying it either. I LOVE the desktop Grooveshark, but I’m passing on the android app at this point. Hope you guys step up.

  3. DAS

    Grooveshark stinks. Downloaded free app, signed up, logged in, created queue. Now I cannot log on and never received the reset password email. I use only one email and always the same password for trivial things like music, comment boards, etc. so there is no way they don’t match. What a bummer.

  4. stan

    Grooveshark is the best music player I can find and I have looked a lot. Definitly not perfect, but for $9USD a month I can listen to almost any song I want. I would estimate that Grooveshark is 80%. 80% of the features I need and 20% frustrating with features that are so basic I dont understand why they dont have them or they dont work right. Again, for $9 a month I have a great music player.


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