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JBoss 7.1 and Alfresco SOAP API : conflict with XMLSEC 1.4.2 and Axis 1.4

If you need tu use Axis-1.4 and wss4j-1.5 with Jboss 7, you could have some runtime exceptions with xmlsec because wss4j-1.5 needs xmlsec-1.4.2 and Jboss has xmlsec-1.5.1 in its classpath and it won’t use your application jar but the one inside Jboss modules. Continue reading

Spring 3 configuration : inject .properties values into annotation driven beans

I was looking for a way to inject values of my .properties files into a annotation driven bean. I had configured a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer but you cannot inject values of your .properties with this bean. The solution is to configure a PropertiesFactoryBean with it. Continue reading